What Are The Benefits of Annual Travel Insurance?

Annual travel insurance is a type of travel insurance that guarantees you get covered every time you have to attend meetings, business trips, or spend holidays abroad for one whole year without the need of signing individual travel insurances for each trip. With a whole year of coverage, you have the luxury of leaving all the frets behind in case unexpected accidents occur.

What are your choices when you get annual travel insurance?

Aside from the whole year of coverage, annual travel insurance can give you different types of policies depending on your preference and needs.

Here are some of the benefits of annual travel insurance.

Days of Stay Flexibility

When you travel abroad, you can have specified number of days insured depending on your choice. Normally, you can have the security from 3, 4 or 7 weeks of single trip lengths. Meaning, you can travel as many times as you want within the year with insurance on the specified days of coverage. The exceeding days however would not be covered by the policy.

Personal Property Coverage

Usually, most home insurance provides coverage to your personal properties while you are travelling. But some of them do not apply when you travel abroad. In this case, annual travel insurance gives you the security that your personal belongings are insured when you travel. The annual travel insurance would protect you against lost, delayed, or stolen luggage, lost documents, and even lost cash. Since you’ll never know the things that might go wrong during the trips, the annual travel insurance will take care of the necessary actions for your unfortunate luggage.

Cancellation Coverage

You can also get one whole year of security and assurance that your money will be brought back to you in case you need to cancel your trip due to unforseen reasons. The annual travel insurance would reimburse the non-refundable amount of your total payment with virtually any reasons. This means if you or any of your family members get ill, injured or die, you can have your full payment of your trip back.

Death Coverage

Death might be the last thing you have in mind when you travel however, it is not a hidden fact that there is always a threat that this could happen. And when it does, you surely don't want your family members to carry all the expenses that are needed. To give you peace of mind, the annual travel insurance covers all the required expenses in relation to your death while on the trip (as long as your death is not caused by pre-existing medical conditions you already have before you buy the policy).

Medical Coverage

At any given time (while on the trip) you get ill or get involved in an accident, you are assured that your medical expenses are taken care of under the terms of your annual travel insurance policy.

Equipment Coverage

Annual travel insurance also gives you the convenience of securing your sporting equipment. Meaning, when you decide to play golf or take on the ice slopes, your equipment would be covered if they are damaged or lost.

This is not the complete list of annual travel insurance coverage offered, but has mentioned most of the questions on annual travel insurance. All you have to do is to determine what you want to buy for your travel needs.

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