Travel Cheap With Apartment Swapping

Each time that someone travels, two things always cost the most. Accommodation and airfare. Because of that, most of us are not allowed to travel nearly as much as we would like to. However, some people with very modest income seem to be traveling all the time. So what is their secret?

The secret is in learning how to travel cheap, and there are many ways to make your trips much cheaper and thus more frequent. One of those secret ways is apartment swapping.

Usual way for Apartment swapping is to use classified ad web sites such as These works in this way: person offers his or hers apartment for a few days in exchange for an apartment in the city they wish to travel to. If you find someone interested in visiting your town you arrange to swap the apartments for some time (a week or two usually).

The main benefit of apartment swapping is that it will reduce your trip expenditure almost only to airline ticket. It is especially convenient for expensive cities like London, New York or Madrid, by swapping apartments you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Another good thing about it is the usuall time it takes place and that is in most cases precisely during the high tourist season, when hotels are the most expensive.

If you check out sites like this, you will discover that a lot of them have parts exclusively devoted to swapping apartments. You can also notice that the bulk of apartment swapping goes on during the holidays part of the year.

Usually ad will be from a person who wishes to spend holidays for example in a New York, and is from Chicago. Therefore, if you are from New York and want to spend holidays in Chicago, you will save $100s if you arrange a deal with that person.

Good place to start is to go to and check the ads for the cities you are interested in. If and when you decide on a trip, just place an ad in a part devoted to the city you are interested in visiting (do it a couple week before the actual trip as this will give you time to find someone willing to swap apartments). What you will be saying is does anyone from this city want to swap apartments for xy days, starting from xy till xy?

Naturally, apartment swapping does have its price, and the first thing that comes to mind is can I trust this person? You will be giving away your apartment to a perfect stranger, so even if you are not worried about possible theft, make the effort and find out anything you can about your potential apartment swap buddy.

Try to find people that want to visit your city for site seeing and not for wild parties that might end up with you being sued or with your personal possessions broken. Also keep your part of the deal, you will be after all, living in his/hers apartment with their things so try to be careful.

By Nikola Govorko


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