Finding Florida Health Insurance Coverage

Finding health insurance coverage for the individual residing in Florida should begin with a visit to Florida Insurance Department's website so that health insurance coverage for individuals can be evaluated. The Florida Insurance Department will provide a list of all insurers licensed in the state who conduct individual health insurance.

Once you have obtained this information, you can contact the insurers directly to get more information on their plans. Be sure to evaluate several key factors to ensure you are getting the best coverage with the widest network of providers at the most affordable price.

Some things to look for when evaluating your individual health plan are to compare the deductible, physician services co-payments, out of pocket maximums, preventive health care and prescriptions co-payments. When comparing these factors, be sure to consider how each compares with the insurers from whom you are getting quotes.

Please remember that you can be turned down for coverage by health insurers in the State of Florida due to your health status. Health conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions, cancer and other serious health risks may result in the health insurers declining the applicant coverage.

Ask friends and family who they have health insurance through and how they feel the company has treated them. Make sure that claims payments and enrollment are a relatively easy process to handle. You will not want to start paying premiums and then get poor service.

Health insurance coverage for the individual in Florida may be reasonably priced if you purchase a high deductible health plan. But do not be surprised if you are covering a family and purchasing a low deductible plan, such as a $500 deductible plan, to pay over $750 per month.

If you cannot get health insurance due to your health status, The State of Florida has a high risk pool that is periodically opened up to new members. Check with the Insurance Department. If you can elect to continue coverage through an employer via COBRA, I would recommend that you do this before pursuing an individual policy. COBRA continuation is right you have if you leave an employer with more than 20 employees.

Once you get your insurance policy in place, be sure to reevaluate the marketplace the next year before your renewal. You should expect to get at least a 10% increase during 2007 or 2008. Health insurance is an expensive and volatile product but one that you should not go without. So go to the Florida Department of Insurance to get basic health insurance information and ensure that you receive several quotes so that you can compare the plans of these insurers.

By: Scott Cooper


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