52 Hour Insurance Course in California

There is also a beginning and continuing professional education requirement for insurance licenses. For example, California requires 52 hour insurance course, i.e. 52 hours of prelicense education before qualifying to take the life insurance exam. During the first four years, licensees must take at least 25 CPE hours per year. Thereafter, the CPE requirement is 15 hours annually in a course approved in advance by the California insurance department.

General Course Description

This course will teach you the Educational Objectives that the California Department of Insurance has determined you need to know and thus prepare you to pass the State exam. This includes 40 hours of Life, Health & Disability as well as the 12 hours of Codes & Ethics.

Package Includes:

1. Online study manual as well as a hardcopy shipped directly to you.

2. Lesson Quizzes

3. E-mail & Phones Support

4. Certificate of Completion

5. Reporting directly to the California Department of Insurance

6. Online Review Questions Available for 90 Days | Excellent educational tool for students to study & prepare to pass the state exam | Students score 65% higher on the California state exam after using these online review questions.

Effective January 1st, 2007 the California Department of Insurance has amended the California Code to allow online Insurance pre-license training. No more long commutes, high costs or waiting until a lecture class starts. With over five years of insurance pre-license training experience in California, ISSC is at the forefront of the changing insurance training marketplace. Look at the press release text below:

Assembly Bill 2387 (Vargas, Chapter 590, Statutes of 2006) was signed into law on September 28, 2006 and
will take effect on January 1, 2007. This law amends Section 1749 of the California Insurance Code to remove
the word "classroom" from the prelicensing requirement and will add Section 1749 (g) to ensure that safeguards
are in place to maintain the integrity of prelicensing education. As a result of this change, prelicensing
education providers approved by the California Department of Insurance (CDI) can now submit online
prelicensing education courses to the Commissioner for approval.

Although regulations will be required to implement this legislative change, the CDI will review these courses
prior to the Office of Administrative Law's approval of the regulations. Courses approved by the CDI will be
given "provisional approval," which means that the course may be offered immediately as with the case of any
CDI approved course. However, these courses are subject to further review once the regulations are approved
which could potentially result in required changes to the course.

Until such time as the California Code of Regulations can be amended to reflect the change in the statute, the
reviews of online prelicensing education courses will be accomplished by ensuring that they meet the
requirements set forth in Section 1749 of the California Insurance Code. Section 1749 states, in part, the

Applicants for a license as a fire and casualty broker-agent, life agent, and
personal lines broker-agent are to complete the minimum prelicensing education
hours required (i.e. 20 or 40 hours of product training, whichever is applicable,
and 12 hours of code and ethics training);

Review and approval of prelicensing courses not conducted in a classroom shall
include an evaluation of the safeguards that are in place to ensure that the student
completing the course is the person enrolled in the course; methods used to
monitor the students' attendance are adequate; methods for the student to interact
with the entity providing the training exist; and, the methods used to record the
times spent completing the course are adequate.

Assembly Bill 2387 also added Section 1749 (h) which will become effective on January 1, 2007. This section
states that all prelicensing certificates of completion will now expire three years after the completion of the
prelicensing course, whether or not a license is issued to the student.

You can feel certain you are studying the right material when you study at ISSC. All of our CA Insurance course materials were completely revised in January of 2007 to better follow the California Educational Objectives. Our courses include a Flash Paper study manual, hundreds of online exam questions with explanations and online video instruction led by highly qualified insurance professionals to give you the edge you need to pass your exam. Click Available courses above to view further information about our innovative programs, or click register now above if you are ready to start your insurance career!

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johnseomaven said...

Becoming an insurance agent or broker is a rewarding career and getting an Insurance course online brings a lot of advantages. You can take it anywhere you want at your preferred time and interact with an online teacher that will guide you to each and every phase of the exam.

Raizu said...

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Raizu said...

Yes I am looking this for my personal interest and I am working on the life insurance features, found that life insurance in California not only ensure the customer a simple and easy way to get insured and at the time of maturity you get all of your savings easily.

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