Choosing the Right Van Insurance for You

When talking about vans in the UK, usually this term is speaking about the various cargo vans used in the area by companies for transportation. Usually those vans that are carrying people are called a minibus, and a minivan is called a multi-purpose vehicle in the UK. When you are speaking of a van in the United States, usually this term covers a cargo van, a mini van, and a full sized van as well.

The distinction between vans is in more than just the name. The various types of vans usually require different types of insurance policies as well. Different vans have different risks and they perform different functions, which affect the amount of the premiums and the types of policies for these types of commercial fleet insurance.

Many people who want a family vehicle are choosing the minivan. Usually the insurance for this type of a van is quite a bit cheaper than other types of vans, since these vans are designed to do well when crashed. The insurance industry also provides lower rates for this type of a van because drivers driving this vehicle are less likely to take chances making your commercial fleet insurance a bit cheaper.

Another type of family vehicle is the full size van as well. The insurance premiums on these types of vans are a bit higher than that of minivans, mainly because these vans are so much bigger. They can do more damage in a crash and often have a tendency to roll as well.

Since cargo vans are used mainly for business industries, they have totally different policies. Usually they are more expensive to insure, since they are used for commercial use.

It is important that you take the time to find out what kind of commercial fleet insurance you are going to need. These includes knowing what kind of van you have and understanding the type of coverage you need and taking the time to do the research required.

By: Peter Fitzpatrick


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