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Student health insurance is offered through several providing sources including personal family plans as well as college student medical insurance plans. Before a child goes off to college, be sure to check with the current family plan to see if he or she will be covered with some significant coverage while away at college, especially if attending a school out of their home state. If employed by a company that offers group coverage to its employees, the child will more than likely be covered by the parent's plan, but never assume! Always check the policy for student specified coverage no matter if it is job related or an individual, family policy.

Even if a job related or a family policy covers a child's medical needs, be sure to check to find out if there is an age limit to coverage for the child. Some policies offer their coverage for the child until they are out of college. Other policies terminate coverage between ages 21 to 24, no matter the circumstances. If the provider is an HMO, check the location that the child is going to attend college. Student medical insurance may not be provided for the child if he or she attends out of state because the approved health care professionals may only be available in the home state.

Look into the enrollee protection that most colleges offer to their students on a yearly basis. Many times this type of coverage can be very reasonable. If the child is covered by a student medical insurance policy offered through a college, the college enrollee will have access to medical professionals within the immediate area that the college is located. This makes it much easier for the child to receive medical attention by student health insurance since this type of coverage also works in conjunction with the college health services for local emergency and maintenance referrals in case of injury or on-going treatments.

Choosing student health insurance for a college age child, can reduce the cost of a current family policy. At some point, the child will be dropped from the policy anyway because of age or completion of college . At that point, it is assumed that the graduate will be able to secure his or her own insurance through work related health care. If responsible for a prospective college student, be sure to check all options regarding student medical insurance before time for them to go to college. Even though college students are the least likely to need as much coverage, the best plan includes a decision to plan for student health insurance coverage through some additional source. Good planning for one's family brings glory to God. As Solomon stated in his wisdom, "Blessed be the Lord thy God which delighteth in thee, to set thee on the do judgment and justice" (1 Kings 10:9).

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