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Winter is fast approaching and many areas have already experienced the first frosts of the season - even a scattering of snow in places. The question is; are we ready for it?

A report issued by Sainsbury's urged Britons to prepare themselves and their property for the winter period.

Predicted strong winds and heavy rain could potentially cause much damage to properties that are ill prepared and lacking maintenance. Indeed after the flash flooding of summer - for which the majority of us were unprepared - we have hopefully learnt a vital lesson.

This is where home insurance is particularly valuable as few of us can afford to pay for extensive repair to our properties. You should ensure your property is well maintained to avoid the possibility of your claim being rejected.

Research recently carried out by the association of British insurers showed that 20% of UK homes need maintenance work.

In preparation for seasonal extreme weather conditions it is advisable to fasten down any loose objects such as garden furniture, TV aerials, guttering and roof flashings, etc. Care should be taken to ensure any loose roof tiles are secured and those that are missing replaced. Even a small leak in the roof of your property can over time lead to rotting of the timbers composing the structural support and cost thousands to put right.

In the report by the supermarket it was also noted that structural features such as the chimney and roof are often in a poor state of repair due to being out of sight and therefore out of mind.

It is important to read through your house insurance policy documents when you receive them to ensure you are fully aware of any limitations.

by Chris Rowlands


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