Where to Buy Cheap Georgia Auto Insurance Online

Car thefts and accident rates in Georgia have increased dramatically in the last few years. Consequently, auto insurance rates are at an all-time high. But you can still buy cheap Georgia auto insurance online. Here's where to get it.

Minimum Georgia Auto Insurance Requirements

The following insurance coverages are required for you to drive your car in the state of Georgia:

* Bodily injury liability coverage ($25,000 for one person, and $50,000 for all persons) to pay for judgments and legal fees when you're found liable for injuring or killing other people in an auto accident.

* Property damage liability coverage ($25,000) to repair or replace another person's car or personal property when your found liable for causing an accident.

That's all the insurance you need to get on the road. But it doesn't protect you or your car, so you may want to add the following coverages to your auto insurance policy:

Optional Insurance Coverages

* Collision coverage, which pays to repair or replace your car after it's been damaged in an accident.

* Comprehensive coverage, which pays to repair or replace your car after it's been damaged by vandalism, fire, flooding, or acts of nature.

* Medical payment coverage, which pays your and your passengers medical expenses when you're involved in an accident.

* Uninsured motorist coverage, which pays your or your passengers medical expenses, plus damage to your car or property, caused by an uninsured, underinsured, or hit-and-run driver.

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