Travel Insurance - For Protection or Practicality?

Buying travel insurance depends on three conditions. Your health, the country you're visiting, and the activity or activities you'll be undertaking on your trip.

If you're positive that you don't have any medical problems that may flare up during travel and that you're sure that you won't be needing any help for emergency evacuation or help to pay for emergency medical expenses. Then you may opt not to insure yourself.

If you're positive that the country you'll visit is peaceful and safe for tourists or foreigners and that natural phenomenon (such as tsunamis, hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, etc.), war or terrorist attack may not happen in that country while you are visiting. And if you're sure that you won't be canceling your trip or won't need any assistance in ensuring lost, stolen or delayed luggage. Then you may opt not to buy travel insurance.

If you're positive that you wont get hurt or that accidents may not happen in all the activities you'll undertake during your travel. And if you are sure that you wont need any assistance or support for accidents, dismemberment or death. Then you may opt not to insure yourself with travel insurance.

In this case, travel insurance is really a waste of money. But try to remember that no matter how safe your previous trips were, you will never know when accidents may strike. And since you cannot predict the outcome of your trip, the destination or activities you think are safe could unexpectedly turn out to be a disaster. Therefore, in any given time, you need to have protection because you might regret not having travel insurance at the end of the day.

So what aspects of travel insurance should you look into?

Medical Evacuation - During travel one may never know what will happen to them. So in case something did happen to you, you need to be sure that you have all the possible means to get yourself into a medical institution or facility as quickly as possible to save your life. Medical evacuation covers all your transport needs from the place you had your mishap to the nearest medical facility. It may be by land or by air.

Emergency Medical Expense - Upon arriving at the hospital facility you may need medical attention from doctors or health professionals. You may need medicine, tests, or other medical procedures to help you get back to your previous normal state. So you need to be covered for any hospital cost that may arise from this misfortune.

Trip Cancellation - One may never know that a situation will prompt them to cancel their trip. So to ensure that you get at least 75% refund of your fare then you need to be covered for this type of incident with travel insurance.

Trip Delay and/or Missed Connection - People usually get stuck in traffic, queue or in whatever they are doing that may cause them to miss or impede them in their departure. So to cover for this additional cost of correcting the situation, you may consider insuring yourself for this with travel insurance.

Lost, Stolen or Delayed Luggage - Delayed or lost luggage is oftentimes very inconvenient and irritating. Aside from the cost that you may accumulate in recovering your luggage, the value of the items lost and the expense that you may incur to survive while luggage is delayed or lost should also should be considered when purchasing travel insurance.

Other Miscellaneous - Dying in a foreign land during a trip is very taxing and time consuming for the bereaved family. So to cover for any expenses that may incur to smooth out foreign bureaucracy and to ensure financial protection for your family, you may need to be insured for death and dismemberment benefits with your travel insurance policy.

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