Five safety features that could save you 15% on car Insurance

Safety features are obviously an important aspect you think about when purchasing a car. Some safety features, such as anti-lock breaks and airbags can save you up to 15% on your car insurance premium. Other safety features such as security systems, automatic seat belts, and etching your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on your windows can also lead to savings on your car insurance premium.

Saving Lives and Money

In 2005, 2,741 lives were saved due to airbags. While auto insurance discounts vary from state to state, some states require that car insurance providers give discounts for people who own a car with airbags. In September 2006, a directive by the NHTSA made having an advanced frontal airbag system a Federal regulation. This includes passenger side airbags and newer, safer, frontal airbags. Passenger side airbags are activated only when there is a person sitting in the seat. If the sensor in the seat doesn’t detect the weight of a person, then the airbag will not deploy in the event of an accident.

Anti-Lock Brakes

States such as Florida, New Jersey and New York, insurers are required to give discounts to drivers who have vehicles with anti-lock brakes. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, anti-lock brakes are on about 63% of all new cars sold and 90% of light trucks. Anti-lock brakes are designed to keep your wheels from locking if you slam on your brakes. Anti-lock brakes help you keep more control during a violent stop and reduce your stopping distance.

Automatic Seatbelts

In 2005, 55% of those killed in passenger vehicles were not wearing seat belts. Wearing a seatbelt is not only the law in most states; it is also the best way to protect yourself. Having automatic seatbelts in your vehicle—seatbelts that are attached to a rail above your door and moves into place when the door closes—ensuring that you will be wearing a seatbelt at all times.

Car Alarms

Having a noisemaker car alarm on your vehicle should scare away thieves as well as save you money on your car insurance. Car alarms can be purchased and installed on older vehicles. Most new cars come equipped with safety features like audible alarms or keyless entries. If you do install an audible alarm on your vehicle, make sure you notify your car insurance provider. With car alarms, the louder the alarm doesn’t mean more savings. Just having a car alarm on your vehicle will do the trick.

Window Etching

Window etching is when you get your VIN etched onto the windows of your car. It serves as a visual deterrent to would-be thieves much in the way a “Beware of Dog” sign would on a fence. VIN etching also makes the parts useless for re-selling; making your car less likely to be stolen.

Shopping around and comparing quotes is still the number one way to save on auto insurance. If your car is equipped with some of the safety features mentioned in this article, make sure you notify your insurance provider. Not only can these safety features save lives and help prevent accidents and theft, they can also save you money on your car insurance.

By: Alexei Timchuk


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