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San Antonio, home of the Alamo, has a long and proud tradition of strength as well as celebration. Unlike the busy cities of Dallas or Houston, San Antonio is very much a city that dances to the tune of its own guitar. San Antonio is known for such sites as the Riverwalk, a contingent of restaurants and hotels that lines the banks of a Venetian-style canal that runs through the middle of downtown. While this popular tourist destination has made this town famous for its "laid back" spirit, San Antonio is not without its competitive spirit as well. Sports fans will recall that San Antonio is also home to the 2005 NBA champions, the Spurs. This blend of equally vigorous determination and relaxation is what makes San Antonio a great place to live.

Shopping for home owners insurance in San Antonio is a necessary part of life, whether you have already purchased a home or are looking to buy. While no one can deny that the social as well as general climatic aspects (the median temperature in San Antonio is 68.6 degrees) of San Antonio promise a great quality of life, there are other considerations that must be taken into account if one wants to have security and peace of mind. As part of the "Hill Country," which is right on the cusp between the humidity of the East Texas Gulf Coast and the dryness of the West Texas deserts, San Antonio can be subject to torrential rain and hail storms. Not all home insurance policies San Antonio residents currently have in place include flood and/or hail insurance. In fact, many people do not realize that flood insurance is usually a separate policy altogether. While many San Antonio home owners assume their "hazard policy" will cover flood damage, this is often not the case.

While there are many home owners insurance carriers in San Antonio, Texas, the unfortunate reality is that not all of them will take the time or care to educate their customers about the limits or the scope of their home insurance policies. Home owners in San Antonio (and all parts of Texas) have an increasing need to educate themselves about the unique geographical and climatic conditions of the precise area they live, in order to intelligently determine what kinds of policies, beyond home owners insurance, should be considered.

Self-education is always important, although given the time restraints for the average home owner, the advice of an experienced agency can be invaluable in quickly sorting through the vast amount of information available. Texas Auto & Home Insurance brings to the table decades of experience with home insurance in San Antonio and all parts of Texas, and puts it in the service of all of our clients. What sets us apart from most home owners insurance resources in San Antonio is our willingness to help home owners find the best policies for their needs, whether purchased through us--or elsewhere. In other words, if we cannot provide the best insurance policy for your home in San Antonio, we are happy to refer you to someone that can.

Don't let your beautiful San Antonio home, or the treasures within, continue at risk of unforeseen or unconsidered disasters. Give Texas Auto & Home Insurance a call today!

Posted by: George M. White Posted on: April 10, 2007


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