Auto Insurance Comparison Shopping - Best Rates and Best Companies

Comparison shopping on the Internet has become a worldwide phenomenon. In just minutes you can compare products and prices in virtually any category. Here's how to go auto insurance comparison shopping and find the best rates and the best companies.

Auto Insurance Rate Comparisons

When it comes to auto insurance rate comparisons you need to get quotes from a variety of different companies to make sure you're getting the best rate. Single-company websites run by large insurance companies only give you their quotes, and even the ones that say they give you comparisons from other companies may only give you one or two quotes.

In order to get the best auto insurance rate for your situation you need to go to an insurance comparison website where you can get quotes from a number of different companies. These sites have you fill out a questionnaire where you can enter the deductibles and discounts you want so you'll get their cheapest rate.

The better sites have two features that will help you with your auto insurance rate comparisons: 1. An "Articles" or "Advice" section where you can get money-saving tips and other information on auto insurance. 2. A chat feature where you can ask an insurance expert questions about auto insurance. (See link below.)

Auto Insurance Company Comparisons

After you choose a company, you need to make sure they're reputable and will pay your auto insurance claims. My favorite sites to check up on auto insurance companies are:

* State insurance department websites - Every state has a website run by their insurance commissioner that lists agents and companies. Here you can find complaints filed against companies to see which ones have the fewest.

* website - This site has a product rating and review guide for everything under the sun, insurance companies included. Here you can get inside information - ratings and reviews - from actual company customers.

Posted by: Brian Stevens Posted on: April 9, 2007


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