Public Liability Insurance -- Do You Need It as a Business Owner

Public liability insurance is important because all business are at risk to some degree. Even if nothing bad has ever happened on your business premises, that's no guarantee that it won't someday. If someone is hurt, or their property lost, it's your responsibility to properly compensate them. This cost can be extremely high, depending on the individual case.

Fortunately, you do have a way to protect yourself against this eventuality. Purchasing public liability insurance allows you to breathe a little easier. Even if a customer claim is expensive, the insurance company will be there to provide a safety net. It is their responsibility to keep you covered for claims and legal fees. This leaves you free to concentrate on actually doing business, rather than worrying about what might happen. Following are some examples of times when public liability insurance might come in handy.

Owners of plumbing companies usually get the job done fast and right. However, every once in a while something might go wrong. Should you damage a customer's pipes while on the job, damaging property such as computers and carpeting, public liability insurance will be there to pick up the bill.

Another example is that of a marketing business. If a customer were to twist an ankle in your office, even if it is not your fault, you would be held liable. Fortunately, with public liability insurance, you would not have to pay the claim yourself.

In a similar situation, injury caused to a passerby by an employee on a construction site is the responsibility of the company's owner. This kind of claim can become very expensive indeed, unless you have the right insurance.

There are many situations in which public liability insurance can help you. Paying premiums today could give you an important safety net tomorrow. Every business, no matter what kind of operation they perform, can benefit from public liability insurance. Investigate your many options today, and rest easy, knowing that you're safe from claims.

By: Peter Fitzpatrick


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