Lowering Your Van Insurance Premiums

First, make sure that you choose from the largest possible pool of van insurance quotes. This lets you compare quites effectively to get the best possible bargain. Make sure that you use the same criteria when looking at all quotes.

You may be able to find a number of discounts on for cheap van insurance. Possibilities include: being a claim free driver, having no convictions, being or employing older drivers, keeping multiple insurance policies for a fleet with the same company, and applying online.

You may be able to find better rates if you ask your provider for other kinds of insurance about a policy before you go shopping.

If you keep all your commercial vehicles in a locked location at night, you may qualify for a security discount. Other security discounts can be gotten for having security devices and VIN etching.

Paneling and other extras can cost you a lot more in insurance premiums, so keep them to the minimum necessary.

If you're more worried about premiums than the possibility of a claim, you can try increasing your excess. Do this carefully, as you'll increase the amount you have to pay every time you make a claim.

Buy only the insurance you need. Some people require third party, fire, and theft only. Others will need full comprehensive cover. Regardless, make sure that your liability coverage is high enough to cover an accident if you are sued and must pay that claim.

Second hand vans may be able to carry less coverage than newer commercial vehicles. Higher cover might not be worth the cost in these cases. You should always look over any van insurance policy you are considering to make certain that you know just what coverage you're getting for your money.

When the time comes to look for cheap van insurance, make sure that you review all options available to you. Using online quote systems can help you collect a lot of information fast, which is just the first step to getting the best van insurance for your company.

By: Peter Fitzpatrick


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