How to Reduce Your Insurance Premium

One good security measure that is easy to accomplish is to have your vehicle registration number or vehicle identification number engraved on all your windows. The more surfaces on the vehicle that you have had etched, the more likely it is for the authorities to be able to find your van or car, should it be stolen.

Be sure not leave any of your personal information or documentation in the van where it can be seen. This includes details of payment, addresses, and unopened mail that thieves may be attracted by. Ensure that your alarms have been properly installed and that you activate them whenever the vehicles are not attended. This is required even for short periods. If you have alarms, make sure that they are approved by Thatcham. These are more effective and can allow you to have a significant car and van insurance discount.

If your vehicle doesn't have a lockable petrol cap, have one installed. This prevents thieves from stealing your fuel. Lockable wheel nuts will act as a cheap deterrent to hubcap theft.

Lock and secure all entries to the van whenever you leave it. This includes doors, windows, and rear entries. It's much harder to steal a locked vehicle than one, which has been left unlocked. Stocks up on fuel before you leave and make sure you make a few stops. The more stops you make, the greater the risk of vehicle theft. If you are very concerned, you can have roof markings applied to your commercial vehicle or van. These marking mean that police in the air can easily identify the vehicle if it's stolen.

Of course, it's important to have good car and van insurance, too. High quality commercial vehicle or van insurance is your safety net if all these precautions fail.

By: Peter Fitzpatrick


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