Online Travel Insurance

1. So easy to book
2. Found it very easy to get around and easy access to information I needed (Existing medical conditions).
3. The help with medical screening and the service received was great.
4. Given reference numbers to enable me to get a quote.
5. Prices are excellent.
6. Purchase travel insurance and then knowing that I would not find better value and service anywhere else.
7. Fantastic site, easy to use very competitive prices friendly company to speak with.
8. This company gives excellent value for money travel insurance for people who have existing medical conditions. The medical screening was quick.
9. Had a quote and a reference number for the medical aspect of the policy within 10 minutes.
10. Pleasantly surprised by the cost of the travel insurance itself. They really do listen to their customers and offer insurance that reflects the real risk to insurers.
11. Excellent annual prices for over 65's have recommended to my Friends.

These are extracts from a few visitors applying online for travel insurance, sharing their experience.

Travelling today is among basic necessities and requires concrete planning to both save money and get maximum comfort while you are travelling.

It is not possible to go around hundreds of travel agents and get the best quote for your travel insurance.

Thanks to internet, it is so easy and time saving to get the required information and best prices while sitting at home and you can do this any time from anywhere

Most of the time people obtain additional information from travel insurance web site that helps them in making their travel more comfortable and cost effective.

Travelinsure genie is not intended to get business only but its main objective is to keep the potential traveler’s aware of the importance of travel insurance and give them right advices so that they can get travel insurance matching their requirements and avoid paying extra for some thing not required.

By: Shahid


Natalia said...

Most of the people assume that its not worth to spend money on travel insurance policy. Before planning to buy this policy I also wanted to know in detail about the usage of this scheme. Please do guide me.
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