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As with any type of insurance or other major financial decision, those looking to buy home owner insurance in Texas should prepare themselves with at least some basic information about the types of policies and coverages available before calling providers for quotes.

There are three standard types of home owners insurance in Texas, which are clearly defined by the Texas insurance commission and are consistent from one provider to the next. These are the HO-A, HO-B and HO-C policies. There is considerable difference between the HO-A, which offers the least coverage at a lowest rate, and the HO-C, which covers the full replacement value of most types of damage that can occur to your home and/or personal property. Understanding the difference between the most common types of policies of Texas home owners insurance you will encounter is an important first step.

Home owners insurance providers in Texas may not specifically mention the type of policy they are quoting you unless you ask. The first question you should ask, then, when speaking with the provider. Is it the HO-B, the HO-A or some other type of policy?

If it is the HO-A policy the provider is offering, you should ask what types of coverage has been added to the base policy defined by the state, and how much is being charged additionally as "endorsements" to this standard policy? Take careful note of everything you are told and verify this information with an independent source such as the OPIC policy comparison chart which can be found online.

If the home owners insurance provider is offering a policy other than the HO-A, HO-B or HO-C, you should ask them to draw up a comparison between the policy they are offering and the standard policy that is most similar. This will be important to you as you continue to price-shop Texas home owners insurance rates. You cannot compare apples with oranges, obviously, so you will need any home owners insurance provider you speak with to explain their policy with regard to one of the available state standards.

Be sure to consider deductible information in your rate comparisons. A home owners insurance provider in Texas may offer a lower rate than its competition, but include a much higher deductible. One should consider the difference in the monthly rate in terms of how long it would take you to save the money for that deductible. You should always be sure you keep a savings that could cover the deductible in a time of need, as well as any other expenses your policy may not cover.

Finally, be sure to ask your insurance agent about the types of discounts that are available and see if you qualify for any of them.

Searching for home owners insurance in Texas may seem like a daunting process, but educating yourself about the basic will make you feel much more confident in the search. Give Texas Auto & Home Insurance a call with any questions you may have. We will assist you in finding the best rates and coverage for your needs and budget.

Posted by: George M. White Posted on: April 10, 2007


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