More Myths about Auto Insurance

There are myths out there for just about anything you can think of. Myths about science, myths about people, and even myths about auto insurance. If you are looking to buy auto insurance in the near future, here are a few busted myths about the auto insurance world.

When signing up for auto insurance, don't be misled by the wonderful sound of no-fault insurance. If you get into an accident and you have no-fault insurance that does not mean that you are automatically not at fault. The only thing that this means is that your insurance company will pay for the damages done regardless of whether you or the other person is at fault. If you get into an accident and have no-fault insurance, your premium will most likely still go up if you are found to be at fault.

Age does matter when an insurance company is determining your rate. One of the most commonly spread myths is that males under the age of 25 automatically pay more for their auto insurance. This typically is true to some extent in that males under 25 are typically charged more than females under 25. However, is happens that teenagers and senior citizens actually pay the most for auto insurance. So even if you are a male under the age of 25, you are probably not paying the most for insurance out of any group of people.

Another common misconception is that collision coverage covers you in the case of theft, natural disasters and accidents involving you hitting anything other than another vehicle. This is actually false. If you want to be covered in the case of any of those incidents, you will also need comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage only pays for the damages done to your vehicle in the case that you are in an accident with another driver. Comprehensive coverage takes care of you when something is stolen from your vehicle or if you hit a deer. If you are worried about any of those things happening to you, make sure to get comprehensive coverage as well as collision.

Lastly, even if you may have never been in an auto accident, you still need auto insurance. Not only is it helpful to you just in case you do get into an accident in the future, it is also required by law in all states, and if you get pulled over for some reason and don't have insurance, you can get fined a lot of money.

by Art Gib


Kade said...

There are lots of car insurance myths, but how in god's name anyone thought never being in an accident somehow precluded you from having car insurance clearly had a screw loose!

Martin said...

People do have lot of myths about their auto insurance policy. They get to know about them when its too late. Your post is a great help that talks about the common myths that people are having. I have cleared mine and wish everyone will reach your post to get cleared.
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Martin said...
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