Do You Need Full Dental Insurance Coverage?

Can you afford to pay for full coverage dental insurance? or rather can you go without the full coverage? If you have a family or in any case you need a lot of dental work to be done in the future then you should answer yes to the second question.

What full coverage dental insurance is all about?

As understood full coverage means that your dental insurance should pay for all of the procedures done by the dentist.

The coverage should start with your regular dentist visit for mouth and gum examination.

Your dentist visit twice a year for the teeth to be cleaned, scaled, flossed and polished. All of this procedures should be 100% covered.

Full dental insurance should cover all of your teeth extraction expenses too. It doesn't matter if the extractions are being performed so you can get braces or other orthodontic procedures or because the tooth was decayed or abscessed. This also includes the extraction for baby tooth or a wisdom tooth.

Other procedures such as fillings, crowns, bridges, root canals, fluoride treatments, braces, gum surgery, dental implants, and many other procedures are all covered by full coverage dental insurance.

Full coverage dental insurance could be quite expensive, and not everyone can afford this kind of coverage even if they need one.

Is there alternatives to full coverage dental insurance?

The only viable alternative is the discount dental network plan.

With a discount dental network, dentists agree to provide services at reduced costs to network members. If you have pre-existing condition, don't worry you are covered. Claims processing is easy with no complicated forms. There is no waiting period, and no one will be turned down for coverage.

Dentists who provide care through a discount dental network provide the same quality treatment to their network customers as they provide to their regular customers who have full insurance coverage.

The discount dental network refers a high volume of patients to the dentist, making it possible for the dentist to offer care to network members at reduced rates. Both the patient and the dentist receive a schedule of benefits from the discount dental network, so there are no unpleasant surprises on either side.

Discount dental plan is a great alternatives for people who do not get full coverage from their employers or for self employed individuals.

by Zul Rahman


dancilhoney said...

Personally, I always thought dental insurance was a good thing. Most of the time, the cost of the yearly premium is about the same as the cost of two six-month cleanings, so you come out even - plus you're covered if something else happens.

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