Travel Insurance - Holidaying in a Winter Wonderland

According to the Ski Club of Great Britain ski holidays and skiing weekends are becoming ever more popular. With more and more of us taking advantage of cheap European flights we're able to get out on to the slopes more frequently and those who are more experienced are able to fit all their fun into a weekend break much like a city break for a weekend.

With no need for lessons it's obvious that they can get their fix of skiing and or snowboarding done in a weekend, this is a considerably cheaper option to the usual cost of lessons and most of the time spent during a normal week falling over and veering towards trees!

This said, it's also important to remember despite you're expertise at gliding down the mountainside there's still the possibility that you could take a fall or collide with a novice (it has happened in the past) and while this can certain put your holiday plans on ice it could also mean that your quick weekend away ends up meaning a week or two off work. This obviously means that travel insurance is needed more than ever.

Considering the costs of accidents whilst skiing, to assist an injured skier can often cost around £400, for a helicopter to rescue a skier form a mountain costs £1500 and should you need taking back home via air ambulance then that can cost a mammoth £9000, all of these services are not covered by health insurance policies and so would only be covered by travel insurance policies.

It is worthwhile to check with your travel insurers as snow and other activities may need extra cover or a specialist policy, whilst only 5% of snow and ski insured people have to claim per year it is still a very expensive claim with not only the costs mentioned earlier but also the healthcare in ski resorts is often private care with substantially increased costs since there is not much competition in remote places.

by Andy Adams


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