Classic Car Insurance: Buy One for Your Collection!

Classic cars have always been a centre of attraction and are largely demanded by the car collectors. Many people own classic cars as a hobby and they take pleasure in looking after them. These cars include antiques, classics, custom cars, and replicas among other types. But these cars, because of their design attract the eyes of the thieves. Apart from that, classic cars have rare parts that come at a very expensive price. They may even be get damaged while on the streets or even at the garage. The repairing of all these can cause a heavy financial burden on a classic car owner. To avoid all these hassles, you need to buy a special insurance that is present in the insurance market called the classic car insurance.

There are three basic categories to describe these exotic, classy cars. These are:

•Classic cars should be older than 15 years basically any car prior to 1970.

•Vintage cars having a manufacturing date between 1903 and 1933

•Veteran cars having their manufacturing dates prior to 1903.

The coverage for classic car insurance is different for different owners of classic cars. A classic car insurance coverage will depend on the amount of miles that a classic auto is driven. Many insurance providers will allow their customers to drive 5000 miles a year and this enables a classic car collector to drive the car to various car shows. But one thing is to be kept in mind that the insurance providers of classic cars will not allow the car to be used and driven for daily activities like going to office, for the market etc.

Classic car insurance quotes even carry some restrictions on the storage of classic cars. The providers of classic car insurance maintain that the cars of this nature should be stored in proper garages with the right kind of locking system. Again, when your classic car is stored in auto restore shop, your classic car insurance providers will not provide covers for that.

All that is required to obtain the perfect classic car insurance for your classic cars is detailed research and investigation. Since not many insurance providers do provide with classic car insurances, you should go from one shop to another in search of one. Nowadays with the internet facilities this work of searching and locating classic car insurance is made easy and comfortable. So without any more delay purchase a classic car insurance for your priced possession—the classic cars.

By Henry Bell


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