The importance of travel insurance

Everyone loves a holiday, but not everyone loves planning them. From sorting out and exchanging your travel money, to booking your holiday insurance, there is a lot to consider when you plan a trip abroad.

However, this is no reason to skip this step altogether. Although you are not legally required to purchase travel insurance before you go on holiday, it is strongly advised, because if you do not, then you will personally be liable for any costs incurred when something does go wrong.

Without insurance you run the risk of having your holiday cut short, as you may need to use all of your available cash for treatment or a plane ticket home. Should you need all of your money for treatment, then you could well be left without a penny.

The cost of holiday insurance has dropped dramatically over the years as more of us choose to travel abroad for holidays each year. And you can save more by looking at what is available on the market rather than just opting for the standard insurance package offered conveniently to you by your holiday company.

You might be able to find a great deal using an internet comparison website, which provides quotes from countless different insurers using a single set of data at the click of a mouse. None of these are completely comprehensive, however, as some insurance providers choose not to pay commission to these sites in order to be able to offer lower premiums, so it might pay to try a few providers that are not listed on the site as well.

A basic travel insurance plan should cover you in the event of cancellations and delays, illness or injury, the loss or theft of your possessions, and personal and third party accident liability.

Those who are travelling on a holiday that may increase the risks to their health, such as an extreme sports or skiing holiday, may need to add extra cover to their chosen travel policy, or seek out a specialist insurer instead to obtain full cover.

One last tip is to take photocopies of all of your travel insurance documents and carry a copy with you at all times during your holiday. This way, if you ever need to get in touch with your insurer during an emergency, you will have all of the relevant information with you.

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